Automated Fever Screening Solutions

Fever screening provides comfort to your staff, visitors and the public and helps protect your critical assets and facilities from costly unplanned medical related shutdowns.

Unattended fever screening solutions eliminate the need for additional fever screening staff and avoiding unnecessary exposure to potentially contagious people.

Rapid deployment and ease of use ensure simplicity of integration into existing processes and workflows.

A “privacy first” approach ensures your employees, visitors and the public can have confidence in visiting fever screening protected sites.

These proven fever screening solutions deployed at critical facilities across the globe, consist of high quality infrared and optical cameras and computing subsystems, advanced user-friendly software designed specifically for fever screening usage, and professional design, deploy and support services.

In partnership with you, our engineers will choose the right TherMon ASSIST screening solution to suit your usage scenarios. Each solution also has optional remote alerts so key personnel are aware of feverish people detected.

Contact us about your preparing your worksite or venue for the post-COVID-19 new normal.